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I almost didn’t post this, because it is a personal letter.

But I asked Ron, and he said it was fine. It is such an incredible insight into the man, I thought some of you might find it interesting. Those who don’t, please don’t use this in a way that is ugly or cruel. Please don’t make horrible memes or rip us apart because I put this here. Please?

Thank you.

Well, I have removed this post, because exactly what I asked for, was ignored. Thank you.


24 thoughts on “Captains Log…

  1. AvatarMartina

    This is great! I remember watching original Star Trek with my dad (I was was born in 1960). As soon as I was old enough, he started passing on his copies of Analog and Fantasy & Science Fiction. It looks like Ron is having a well deserved vacation!

    1. Avatarannalapping

      Captains’s log: Stardate 20160420
      That was GREAT! And fortunately (or I guess fortunately) I’m old enough to have seen the original. In 1968 I was 22 years old, and I was as crazy about it as I am about Outlander! Thank you so much, Ron and Terry.

  2. Avatarwendyb

    it’s a lovely post, thank you for sharing it. You are very generous sharing yourself and your lives with the public> You don’t need to do it and I know you cop a lot of nasty usually pointless criticism from time to time. It’s appreciated and the experience of learning about it really adds to the enjoyment of the show, it feels, more personal or something. Thank you very much, and i hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Avatarmelaniedresbachwarman

    My husband and I think that cruises are the absolutely best way to get away from everything and it’s cool that you and Ron do too. Your sharing the letter was a sweet reminder of our past cruises. Loved the Star Trek fanzine, I’d never seen one.

  4. AvatarWheezinnurse

    I guess I am still naive at 60….cannot for the life of me understand why people feel the need to be mean, nasty or cruel to people online THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW!! As I’ve always told my kids, “Just because you CAN say something doesn’t mean you should.” I’m a huge fan of both you and Ron. I love the work you have done, and I am so grateful for the incredible work you done. A cruise? How wonderful! I hope it’s the most relaxing time for you. Enjoy…and breathe.

  5. Avatarhockeyirene

    Thank you so much, Terry, for sharing these delightful ruminations from Ron. I love that he is on a relaxing cruise, doing _what_ he wants _when_ he wants, while his Outlander fans are now the anxious ones, waiting for the next episode to air. Good for him!

    Thank you also for your earlier posts – the whole riding suit reissue of 1850/1945/2012 is totally fascinating, since I know nothing of ladies’ fashion. Your generosity of knowledge is terrific – Thanks a ton!

  6. AvatarAlennaM

    I loved the older Star Trek series’ – the Original and The Next Generation especially. Looks like Ron is missing those times too? I frankly can’t fathom the latest movie versions of Star Trek. Too much CGI and no soul IMHO. Thanks for all your wonderful work on the Outlander series. Perhaps you could take on the Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan) series next?

  7. Jenny JeffriesJenny Jeffries

    Loved reading this, and what a bit of insight into Ron’s view of life. Thanks for posting. I haven’t been on a cruise before, but this actually makes it sound appealing. The early morning sunrise over the sea particularly.

  8. lmarkumlmarkum

    This is so great! I remember when Star Trek was still airing new episodes on TV. The boy who lived next door always called it “Star Track” which made me insane. Good for Ron for taking this time for himself. He has a lot of responsibility. Thanks for posting. X

  9. Avatarskd

    Thank you Terri for sharing…. I think i have watched the entire Original Star Trek Series’ a few times over … It’s one of my go to shows when i’m down and need a lift 🙂
    Ron looks relaxed, cruises are the best having just come back from a 10 day Caribbean cruise. xx

  10. AvatarSophie Slim

    Hello Terry! My first comment here, a brand new Outlander fan(!!) (Ive just ordered the books so I can catch up!). I am loving delving into your world of creativity and costume design! I have read every single one of your blogs posts and love being taken on a creative journey! I sew, but have never designed anything myself. I would love to give it a go this year and see something come to life! Thank you for inspiring me, I can’t wait to follow along on your journey as things happen. I hope Ron continues to have a good trip also, what a resting and relaxing time he must be having! Is he an Introvert? Surely only Introverts go on boat cruises by themselves hehe! Are you getting some rest time in too? I hope so!

    From your new fan – Sophie x

  11. AvatarVictoria

    Thank you Terry, you are very kind to share this intimate look at him and his thoughts with us. It’s really nice to see him relaxing and not centering his mind on work. I’ve often wondered how all of you deal with the fandemonium that is Outlander and it’s crazy ride.

  12. Avatarkyler422

    I am relatively new to your blog, Terry, but I am so happy to have found it. You are enormously generous with your time and insight, and I am so very appreciative that you choose to share so much with us all. As others have mentioned, I don’t understand the mentality of being unkind or hurtful to people (over the internet or ANYWHERE else). Maybe I am naive, but it makes me sad when I hear things like that. With that said, I hope you have a wonderful, RELAXING time away…you both deserve it so much! <3

  13. AvatarMoz

    What a great share. Fascinating to see his copy of Spockanalia. I sold my hoards of fanzines back in the 90’s keeping just a few. I had copies of almost all the early zines. Great to see the connection. Being part of that community was what kept so many of us ST fans together for so many years…and then the return with The Movie, and then series like NG and DS9. Loved them all. Thanks, Ron for being a part of that. ST fans appreciate your contributions.

  14. AvatarSaraBatchelder

    You guys have such a great relationship! When I met Ron last year after a Giants game, I asked him a lot about your professional history, and I could tell that he loves talking about you. I know you already know this, but you two are very lucky. Love the Giants hat and seeing Ron taking some R&R. I heard someone compare the Scottish warriors on Outlander to Klingons the other day, and I thought – how appropriate that Ron is at the helm….

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