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Cait’s Anniversary


I was privileged to help the Caitriot fans deliver a very special gift to Caitriona. A tartan woven especially for Cait by Susan Targove, and Janet Cadsawan’s amazing Sassenach pin to celebrate Cait’s one year anniversary of signing up for Outlander.
You guys are amazing! Here are the pics.

I added the last one in there.

Click on the pics to get a slideshow

54 thoughts on “Cait’s Anniversary

  1. AvatarKatie Bonner (@bunnums)

    Terry – thank you so much for being willing to facilitate! I am so lucky to live in the same area as April (the amazing Caitriot admin) and Susan Targove (the talented weaver) and am blessed that I was able to see/feel that stole shortly before it was shipped. It’s just stunning!

    What an amazing, wonderful year it has been. I look forward to seeing where the journey goes from here for Caitriona, you, and everyone.

  2. AvatarSue Kindred

    Thank you everyone who had a role in this!. Susan, for designing and making such a beautiful tartan … April … for your leadership of the Catriots and Terry, for helping facilitate this little surprise for our STAR!! Like someone up above me said … proud to be a Catriot. All of you are just amazing!!

  3. Avatarrosemaryhoffart

    Thank you Terry, it is exciting to witness Caitriona’s reaction to the gift. I have a confessing… after I had a good look at Cait I made a few more passes through the pictures enjoying the office decor, pictures, postings, and fabric displays – awesome artist space, love it!

  4. AvatarJoyce L (@jlook24)

    Please allow me to add my thanks as well Terry, for helping us to share the love with Cait! We have great respect and hold a special place in our hearts for each and everyone of you. You’ve all been amazingly generous to allow us to share in your work and life in Outlander world.

  5. AvatarApril (@BostonApril)

    Terry – words can’t adequately express our thanks for your instrumental role today! Thank you for taking on this responsibility – we know how busy you are and we appreciate the time out of your day to get the gifts to Cait, and to take and post the wonderful pictures that captured her reaction. They are just perfect!

    If you’d like to see the write up of the process that resulted in this original tartan, we’ve got a story with pictures up at http://www.caitrionation.com – we’ve just launched the website in celebration of our first anniversary.

    — April Steele

  6. AvatarMolly Spradley

    Terry, thank you so much for graciously accepting and presenting (and photographing!) Cait’s gift. We can only imagine how very busy all of you are and it means a lot that you made such a nice slide show of it for us to share.

  7. AvatarKristin Milner (@WarriorInSoul)

    My eyes were welling with tears as I looked through these pictures. Cait seems like such a class act, and a genuinely kind person, and we’re all fortunate that she’s our Claire.Thank you also, Terry, for taking and posting them for all of us to see, since we know how busy you are. My hat is off to all the Caitriots. Y’all did such a wondrous and beautiful thing!

  8. Avatarheughliots

    Terry, we obviously are having a hard time thanking you for your role in the gifting today!

    Your kindness has touched our hearts and these photos have connected us all in a way that would not have been possible.

    We so appreciate it!

    Thank you so much.

    SherryLynn from the Heughliots

  9. Brooke Humphrey-RyanBrooke Humphrey-Ryan

    I seriously doubt there has ever been such a thoughtful, personal, or meaningful gift to someone in Cait’s position. Thanks one more time to April and Susan, and of course Terry, for taking the time out to be the messenger. Glad Cuilean enjoyed the tissue paper!!

  10. Avatarlaney1120

    Thank you, Terry, for your help and for the pictures. So nice that we could see her reaction when she opened the gifts. And a big thanks to the Caitriots who made them.

  11. AvatarSandi Solis

    Thank you Terry for graciously taking your time and energy to deliver the gift, take the pics and post them. As fans, we rarely have the opportunity to see reactions to our gifts; what you’ve done for us today is very special. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m proud to be a Caitriot and an Outlander fan.

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