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But the best one…


The one that might make me happier than almost any other scene in film…

6 thoughts on “But the best one…

  1. Avatarksnasat

    I was so glad to hear you are sentimental about things like these old movies…I could watch them (do watch them) over and over again…They don’t make these kind of musicals anymore with dancers like Vera Allen…Thank you for sharing your feelings…I don’t have a lot of people anymore who share my sentiments….Makes me feel less apart….

  2. Avatarpraver

    I love this holiday film. As much as I like Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney in it, however, it is Danny Kaye whom I love. He was a great comedic actor and I wish there were more of his classic movies on TV.

  3. AvatarAnne H.

    Terry, Thank you so much for sharing all of these. I have always loved White Christmas, and then with the video’s behind, this is a wonderful present you have given us! I will watch this over and over again!

  4. saraelizabethsaraelizabeth

    There aren’t dancers like Vera Ellen anymore. It always makes me sad to see this movie (much as I adore it) as the costumes had to be specifically altered as her battle with anorexia did severe damage to the skin on her chest…so it had to be disguised. In the end the anorexia took too strong a toll on her heart and ended her life. I will always be in awe of her talent (and find it a shame they dubbed her voice versus letting her sing)!

    The costuming of the men in this film is exquisite. The shoes always match the trousers precisely so the line of the leg is never broken to further the beauty of the dances. Rosemary Clooney will always be a Goddess to me (I grew up singing “Love You Didn’t Do Right By Me”)

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