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Book Club??


Debating about some sort of a book club. As I research Season Two, I thought some of you might want to follow along.
Not exactly sure how it would work, but something to think about.

70 thoughts on “Book Club??

    1. Avatarterrydresbach

      I would like to do it with costume or art books, but that is not as much reading, it is more about discussing technique and pictures.
      The other option would be What Marie Antoinette Wore To The Revolution. I am halfway through it, but it wouldn’t take long for everyone to catch up.
      It is not the period of our story, but it is a good read, and a nice overview of clothing, politics and culture.

  1. AvatarJo Ann

    Well, it sounds like a fun idea, but how on earth would you find the time for it? I fully expect you to be busy designing cosumes for seven more seasons….eight if Diana keeps writing and Jamie and Claire don’t die of old age. 🙂

      1. AvatarJo Ann

        Somehow we always manage to find the time to do things we feel strongly about and REALLY want to do. I’m sure you can pull off having a book club. In fact, I think you could probably do ANYTHING you set your mind to. You’re amazing.

  2. Avatarsandyknc

    I’m interested. I am part of another online book club. It works! Our leader usually posts discussion questions which she finds online, and we discuss the questions that catch our interest, or we go off on our own discussion. We discuss for about 10 days (but it is always okay to add more to the discussion) and then take suggestions for the next book. We do a new book every other month.

  3. AvatarLisa Dale Thomas

    I love the online book club that I’m in. We decide how long we want to take to finish the book. Divide the chapters accordingly. Each week we read the assigned chapters. The next week the moderator opens the discussion. While we carry on this weeks discussion – we’re reading the chapters for the next week! We have a blast and it’s amazing – the different perspectives you’ll hear. I would LOVE to participate.

  4. Avatarboisebooks

    Terry, a book club or directed reading as you discover pertinent materials would be so fascinating. Would love to help with research. So please give it some thought!
    In your previous post about the overwhelming number of pieces to be created and sewn I was lamenting that we couldn’t ply the needle…on things you need quantities of…. Maybe the logistics wouldn’t be impossible…. For 25 embroidered lady hankies, or fichus, etc
    Ta, Marcia

      1. Avatarkukrae

        Legal sure are a bunch of party-poopers 🙂 I tease the ones that we deal with on shows that they must get to bill by the number of words they attempt to change in *our* rental agreement (which happened to have been crafted by a major studio! LOL!) Coordinators and I usually have a good chuckle at Legal’s expense 🙂

        As for a book club sounds fantastic and I would love to participate too!

  5. AvatarLoupy

    Terry I am constantly enthralled by your posts. I might be a bit late for the book club but if not I am most definitely in! Have just finished my thesis and need something to sink my teeth into. Good timing! Love the look from Marie Antoinette’s time. Fell in love with it completely on a visit from Australia to Versailles and other Paris chateaus last year. Will get out of work asap, pop myself in to a comfy chair with wine, chocolate, a curled up kitten for warmth, and start reading!

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