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****Many posters have asked that we go ahead with this book. I will consider it, based on how many can find used or library copies. I will also try to find a second book, so that there are two options****

****Well, back to the Drawing board. I have an old copy, and bought another used one in the UK, recently. But the cost is just prohibitive.. I will look for something else.****

Okay, I have a few days rest. Going to crack this amazing book open again. It is a very beloved book, great, great research, wonderful images, just a great resource, written by Aileen Ribeiro. For anyone who has an interest, this could be a great book to  look at.

There has also been some talk about reading Outlander again.

Anyway, this will happen on the Forum, not here on the Blog.

22 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB

  1. AvatarDebbie Dake

    Hi Terry, welcome back!

    Looks like an absolutely beautiful book. Alas, there aren’t many copies available; those that are cost in the $150 range. I’ll keep looking for a bargain.

    Missed your input on the last episode’s podcast; Ron was great as usual.

    ~ Debbie

    1. AvatarKSchwatka

      Looks like a book that would be an outstanding resource, but it’s a little steep right now. Bookfinder is listing some of the 1984 editions in the $70-80 range. The second editions that they have listed are too far out of my budget at over $500.

    2. julieisjulieis

      Given the fabulous work you do on costumes, and the work coming up for DIA, I encourage you to stay with your request to use this book.
      I just got a used copy and encourage others to make the investment.
      Would enjoy being closer to your creative process and support you, here, in your blog.
      You are giving a great deal to us with your time/creativity,
      and I see it as a way to give back something to you, in terms of feedback and lively discussion.
      More like, what can we do to support you?
      Can’t wait to get the book!

      1. Avatar

        I totally agree with this post! It would be a great gift to share in the creative process with Terry……..all of us in the design industry know how important the collaborative process is! Bring on the feedback and lively discussion!!!! Cindy

    1. tiggerostiggeros

      should NOT post things sleep -deprived! Re -read post. So..; will rephrase in consequence. Maybe forumers could find it in their local academic library, but that would indeed be *very hard work* …. does look fascinating though!

  2. marthamartha

    Since, I’m a book lover and especially interested in books about fashion and history of fashion,I believe, when you want to be accurate in your projects, you need books like this one.The most expensive book that I got so far, cost me 100 euros(around 130 dollars, I suppose)So , I think it’s worth every little penny.

  3. boisebooksboisebooks

    yahoo! excited to get started. Glad you had a few days to rest LOL

    Will look into library loan if all local libraries and the University don’t have this! the search begins!

    1. boisebooksboisebooks

      The (small ) Eagle library has two copies – so, I am good to go! will give me time to look through old bookshops for a personal copy . Strange this is out of print…not that old an imprint. 2002.

  4. AppalachiagalAppalachiagal

    Amazon has this book at several prices. I bought 2 of her other books that are similar. I don’t object to spend on books that I have been required to purchase for education, career and in moments of madness. I plan to read the other two, then invest in this beauty.

    1. elizlkelizlk

      Got a copy through interlibrary loan … and for another, fairly comprehensive source for used books, you can try BetterWorldBooks.com ….

      I’ll have to start reading now I have it … won’t be able to keep it too long.

  5. Avatarlstba

    I can’t believe this, but I got a copy from the link+ section of the San Francisco library. They have 3 copies in the system, 2 for loaning! Even if we don’t do this, I want to at least have a look, to see what a professional like Terry does to create this world for the show.

  6. Avatargrahamlass

    Our local library has “Dress in Eighteenth-Century” by Ribeiro and “Dangerous Liaisons” by Koda and Bolton. I’ve been reading both and am now happier to mail in my property tax before November 17th.
    Another excellent read is “What Clothes Reveal: The Language of Clothing in Colonial and Federal America” by Linda Baumgarten, Textile Curator at Colonial Williamsburg. One topic discussed is how clothes were cut and re-sewn for style and purpose.
    I’d love to follow a discussion on “Dress”.

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