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Just wanted to let everyone know that I will very soon be removing the comment section here on the blog.

I am really trying to get the forum established as a place for discussion, comments and a place where I can answer questions. I don’t want to keep using the valuable (and voluntary) time of our wonderful moderators, if the only place that gets used is blog comments.

It may be that a forum is just not right for discussion, and that is absolutely fine. If so, I can always close it, and just have the comments section on the blog. It could be that a forum is an outdated medium. I am going to give it one more shot.

As I don’t currently answer questions of comments on the blog comment section, so there is no point in further confusing things by having both options running simultaneously.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your patience and continued support of this endeavor.

If you want to join the forum, and are having trouble logging in, just let me know.



14 thoughts on “Blog Forum

  1. MaryMary

    Terry – I have question regarding Clare’s muted green w/yellow thread wool dress. Did you use double layered buckram or a heavy interfacing to achieve the crisp look? The wool is also stunning – is it a blend? Thanks!

  2. Avatar

    Terry, I’m not sure I am part of the forum. Can you or your moderator’s help? Thanks!

  3. Avatardennasus

    I totally get why you want to close the comments section here and move the discussion to the forum. I will try to drop by there more often than I did in the past. Have you ever thought about opening a sub-forum / thread for “direct comments to blog posts” to enable us to comment on a specific post and not just post our comment randomly in another thread?
    It’s different with specfic questions, which can easily sorted in the right thread, I think. But if, for instance after reading your blog “Womens Work” we just want to say “Go you!” or “You’re truely amazing and an inspiration” or “Thank you for sharing that person stories with us” (all of which came to my mind and haven’t been posted as comment yet 😉 ), where on the forum, would I be able to do that ?

    1. AvatarTerry Dresbach Post author

      Yes, I have made a questions and answers thread and a comments on latest blog post thread, both to limited success.

      I think your points are well made, and am really starting to think that a forum is just not a relevant medium anymore. People just aren’t used to using them.
      One of the reasons I started it, was so there would be a way to answer questions in an efficient way. I often miss questions if I have to scroll through a million comments, and others definitely miss my answers.
      I will give it a week, and see what happens.

  4. AvatarJo Ann Platt

    I’m sorry you’re not going to reply questions/comments (or post?) anymore at this Word Press blog. I get email notices every time you post here so I don’t miss anything. The forum doesn’t offer email alerts so I’ll probably miss many of your future posts. However, I can see why you don’t want to answer coments in two places. I’m sad though.

      1. AvatarJo Ann Platt

        Thank you. But I’m a little confused. You use the term blog as if it and the forum are one and the same. I’ve been to the forum and it is laid out differently and has a different URL than this Word Press blog. That’s what has be confused.

  5. CGarciaCGarcia

    A suggestion for the forums, Terry, from someone who is a total non-techie, but trying hard: 1) perhaps it would be possible to sort by “most recent reply/comment” and by who the comment is by, e.g., you or one of your lovely assistants, also some commenters whose input I particularly enjoy but can’t always find.

    Also, from my POV you can post as many pictures of Puppy Moore as you please–I love dogs!

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