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Best Holiday Movie…EVER.


7 thoughts on “Best Holiday Movie…EVER.

  1. AvatarSusan F.

    Definitely the best Christmas movie out there. My husband and I were lucky enough to see it in the theater last Sunday (12/14), when it was shown in celebration of its 60th anniversary. Seeing it on the big screen was a fantastic experience.

  2. Avatarpklecanda

    I saw it in the theatre last Sunday – took my 86 year old mom, my sister-in-law and my 17 year old niece. It is a universally adored film, and it NEVER gets old. Seeing it on the big screen was a whole new experience even though I watch it about ten times every Christmas. Danny Kaye is so PRESENT in every scene. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  3. AvatarLynnLouise

    This was my mother’s favorite holiday movie, which became mine as well. I watch it several times each Christmas season, and NEVER get tired of it. The colors, the costumes, Vera Ellen’s waist, my goodness. My sisters and I love the “Sister” song. My girlfriend and I each pick the same night and time to watch it and do all of our Christmas wrapping and text back and forth during the movie….

    Such a classic and beautiful music and dancing…..

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