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Unfortunately (sigh again), we never see this from the front, so I understand how no one caught it. But it was based on an amazing Balenziaga cloak.
Balenziaga was an amazing designer who did amongst other things, truly spectacular coats.

These cloaks are a rich opportunity to examine how circular fashion is. Designer always mine backwards, so its very easy  for me to blur the lines for Claire’s costumes.

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Our take on it. Again, sorry there is no shot from the front, but you can see what it looked like from the sketch above.



29 thoughts on “Balenciaga

  1. monicaw67

    I would love have one! Even my 17 yr old daughter has fell in love with all of the clothes! She says she wants women to dress like women again. Lol she just doesn’t know the weight!!

  2. jhanna

    Oh I love the front of this cloak ! It reminded me very much of Jackie Kennedy’s maternity clothes, which I think suits Claire so well. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  3. dollsanddeadthings

    I swear I can sometimes feel my heat stop when I read your posts and the rich collection of photos and information. As an extreme amateur in dress making I have learned so much just studying your creations and reading your words.

  4. n4c4c4

    I love this coat! I love how you pull from our recent past (mid-century – my favorite designer period) and take it back a hundred years or so and show us how “it all been done before.”

  5. nimo

    Terry, was that not the same cloak that Claire wore home after spending the night at the hospital? If so, we did get to see the front! If just for a second…oh well. Beautiful as always!

  6. FOTH

    WOMAN – You have to publish a book – a REALLY BIG book with all the costume photos, sketches, research pictures, etc. for all us OUTLANDER junkies, seamstresses, and community theatre costume designers. Just season two’s women’s fashion would be worth a spending $200 for that book. Now if you wanted to have a good side business, make a deal with Vogue patterns & a good (not Sears or Walmart) retailer to reproduce Outlander inspired clothing – Claire’s furlined cloak from season one, the Red dress, the Wedding dress, the blue dressing gown, all the cloaks & capes from season two, the French hats, etc.

    1. hockeyirene

      What an excellent idea, both the Drool Book and the opportunity to buy some ready-made clothes inspired by those in Outlander! I wonder if that could ever be possible. Terry? After all, Walker’s shortbread offered a chance to win a trip to Scotland… why not Outlander-inspired outfits from some decent clothing manufacturer? Back to the sewing machine…

  7. Hunnyngton

    It’s a gorgeous, sumptuous cloak. It seems to me that you and your team outdo yourselves with each consecutive episode creating, along with the set/production designer (& exec prod & director, of course), absolutely stunning images that give the illusion of 18th-century life, especially the Paris interiors (In Jared’s house: are the bureau plats, small writing table, chairs, settees & clock authentic? And what is the carpet made of, the one that appears to be a Savonnerie?) The colors & textures & silhouettes are set off in turns by the interior candlelight–breathtaking chiaroscuro in so many scenes this season–and exterior light sources. My sincere thanks and hearty congratulations for the spectacular job that you’re doing bringing Diana Gabaldon’s historical fiction to life by making such evocative costumes!

  8. Sophie Slim

    Such a stunning silhouette, perhaps this shape we haven’t seen on Claire yet? It’s beautiful, anyway.

    Last night I made myself a cape, after recently discovering Outlander / your blog / this whole new world! I knew I had to create something from what I was so inspired by! It’s bucketing with rain here in New Zealand and it’s keeping me warm today! Thank you Terry! x

  9. dollsanddeadthings

    It’s in episode 7 in all of its full frontal glory, so beautiful (and realizing it connects to other things in the episode). It’s fantastical.
    (Early viewing of the new episode is what gets me through the week but this episode was almost too much).

  10. Martina

    Terry, have you gone to the men’s fashion exhibit at LACMA? A friend went and loved the theme, which was showing how ideas are reused and reinterpreted over the years. She especially like the soot suit/89’s Armani comparison.

    Balenciaga made the most beautiful clothes…what a wonderful place to draw inspiration.

  11. Karin

    After all the hours and work that went into them how hard is it that some of the costumes might not be seen properly or even land on the cutting room floor?

  12. Brooke

    Was there any particular reason for the color choice – like a blue aura maybe? I made a black velvet cloak when I was in high school – and i used to wear it all the time. Hey, it was the 80’s! Didn’t have the magnificent pleating like this one, though!!

  13. One word…..Madonna. The blue aura……stunning.

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