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Back when Dougal was Ron


Back before I knew what a kilt really was, before I knew a damned thing about Highlanders. I have learned an awful lot in a year and a half. Wow, can’t even imagine…



13 thoughts on “Back when Dougal was Ron

  1. melissahasobservations

    What amazes me most are the beautiful, muted colors of the clothing and how soft it looks. I was wondering what you had to do to achieve that? Did you drive a car over the fabric it or beat it with a shovel to age it so beautifully? Probably not quite so violent, but I’d love to know. Sorry if you’ve already addressed it here, I just now discovered your blog. Love, love, love the costumes!

      1. melissahasobservations

        Have you by chance read a book called ‘Celia Garth’ by Gwen Bristow? Celia Garth is a seamstress working in a dress shop in Charleson, SC during the Revolutionary War. Through her work as a dressmaker to the wives of British officers, she gains access to their homes and becomes a spy for the Americans. She is poor and can only afford cheap material to make her own dresses and uses different methods to age and soften the fabric to make it beautiful before sewing. It was fascinating to read as a young girl and was my favorite book until I discovered Outlander. (Of course she falls in love with a hunky soldier named Luke who is much like Jamie) Would make a wonderful movie for teens.

  2. Belvane

    While I adore Graham McTavish (so much cool in one man! Is he as cool in person as he appears to be?) I think my imagined Dougal looked much more like your Ron than Mr. McTavish. I vaguely remember the description in the first book – those long brown tresses, deepset eyes and high forehead; this sketch of yours is very close to what I had in my mind’s eye.

    As for a post about aging and dyeing – yes, please! Your work sounds fascinating.

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