Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

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  1. AvatarJoyce Hoffman-Gayley

    I am so envious of the capelets, shrugs, cowls and all manner of “sweatery” things you come up with for Claire. The one in the above picture is particularly fetching! I envision a small army of Scottish grandmothers serenely knitting all day, everyday! Are they actually handmade from scratch or do you modify ready-made garments? Is there any possibility that some time – down the road you might publish a booklet on all the many patterns, assuming they ARE handmade? I’m certain there would be a market for such an item. I know I would buy one.
    Another thought on a totally different subject: Do you believe it was intentional during this time period (1740’s-1750’s) that the women’s clothing was structured in such a way as to make the women look larger, therefore, “healthier”? I know a woman who had a few extra pounds on her was considered fortunate to have a husband (father, brother or son) who could provide well enough that she could afford to eat a bit more. I was quite taken aback when I saw the picture of Dr. Gabaldon in costume. She looks enormous; and I know she’s not. I imagine the number of layers of clothing has quite a bit to do with the “look” when completely dressed.

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