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And …


Pearls #2

Baroque pearls with gold roundels.

I didn’t want such a long strand. But you win some, you lose some.

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  1. AvatarConnie Sandlin

    I pictured Ellen’s pearls as being a shorter strand, but they looked great in the Wedding episode. I also liked how Jamie gave them to Claire, and then what he said about them being precious to him, like she was, too.

  2. Avatarandeesings

    You couldn’t see the gold roundels on my tv!!! They’re so beautiful close up!!! (I’m with you on the length, but eh- the DID look nice swinging between her breasts, which I’m sure was the idea. πŸ˜‰ )

  3. outlanderbookloveroutlanderbooklover

    I could just see the gold roundels as Jamie leaned over to drape them over Claire.

    I think they are very lovely and I do appreciate that you posted this picture.

  4. Avatarlutenihon

    I couldn’t see the detail on screen, but these are just like in the book, although I had imagined them shorter as well. Gorgeous! Terry you do such amazing work for the show and we know you fight hard to make it all real!

  5. mandywhelan96mandywhelan96

    Lovely to see them up close! Didn’t notice the gold either when I watched it either time today. Shorter length is always what I pictured but as someone else mentioned – they looked lovely draped down Claire’s chest in the candle light.

    Very very lovely!

  6. Avatarmque

    Thank you for showing the close up. I can see what Jamie means when he says they’re Scotch pearls-not perfect, but quite lovely nonetheless. I love the roundel detail. Much like everyone else, I agree with you about the length. Doesn’t detract from their beauty!

  7. AvatarRebeccaTrogner

    Thank you for posting this picture. I was curious about them, as he stated they were Scottish pearls. Not sure the difference, but they are beautiful. I loved the full circle aspect of the pearls. At the start of the episode, Claire mentions pearls dropping off a strand, and how eventually you forget what they look like, and then forget them all together. She’s afraid that Frank is receding and eventually she won’t be able to conjure him up in her mind. And then…when Jamie presents the pearls to Claire, it was so touching.

    1. lizcostumelizcostume

      Scottish Pearls are pearls from river living mussels. The freshwater mussels are on the verge of extinction, and to safeguard stocks the sale of Scottish pearls was banned (except under strict licensing) in 1998. When I was working on the Cloth of Estate for the Great Hall at Stirling Castle, a jeweller gave me a dozen Scottish pearls that he had in stock, since he could no longer sell them. I used 8 in the Cloth of Estate and I still have 4. If I figure out how to load a photo I’ll do that. They’re very luminous and baroque rice shaped pearls.

      1. LoriLori

        Hi Liz,

        The Cloth of Estate for Stirling Castle is beautiful! Wonderful work!

        Several years ago we visited Stirling Castle and were fortunate to be able to watch weavers recreating one of the “The Hunt of the Unicorn” tapestries for the castle – amazing!

        I really appreciate that these wonderful works were commissioned and created. What amazing opportunities you have been a part of – both for Stirling Castle and Outlander!

        Thank you!

  8. Avatarbluewindows

    They look much nicer in your close up where you can see the details. I also would have liked the pearls to have been shorter. The longer length reminds me of the pearls my mother used to wear and she would have been Claire’s contemporary in the ’40’s.

  9. AvatarOutlander Windsor Obsession

    What are Scotch pearls? Jamie said that and I didn’t know if that meant that they aren’t real? But if they aren’t then what would they be made of then?

  10. AvatarGeorgeannaT

    Thank you for posting this beautiful picture. I agree with you, I didn’t want the long strand either. And, hot as it was, I didn’t want them presented to Claire the next morning because I loved that his statement of his independence was done in front of Dougal and was such an excellent signpost for the changing of their relationship as he moved more fully into the responsibilities and mind-set of a married man. But I LOVED the fact that you shared with us – so honestly – that this was not your preference and that one really must be philosophical about the outcomes of creative differences (I’ll use that to remind myself IRL!).

  11. Avatardianne_falcone

    I read an article where you said you had wanted shorter pearls but lost the argument. What was the reason for having the longer pearls? Was that more the style in the 18th century?

  12. Avatark-charbonneau

    Because of the electronic age we live in, we fans will be watching this and the other episodes of Outlander for years and years. And to have the knowledge you are giving us about the costumes will enhance the enjoyment. I hope you and your staff never, never think that the time-consuming tasks involved in your costume creations are only for a few minutes of viewing. An auction for charity of Outlander costumes by the production company would really put the cap on the series when the end eventually comes.

  13. Avatarewyna34

    So they aren’t perfect pearls. They are truly Scotch. With the lighting being what it was they looked white and regular. I also love pearls. I love this necklace with the roundels. Perhaps some day. πŸ™‚ A girl can hope.

  14. marthamartha

    The looked pretty nice, but I agree with you, Terry. Shorter would have been better. Probably the point in being, the strand longer, was to look more sensual, on tv, while you were thinking a different way. A shorter strand would have been more intimate. I don’t know if that’s make sense, but this is how i picture it!

  15. AvatarCoralee

    They are perfect. I would have fought for the length as well but overall your work on the wedding was so stunning it is hard to see people complaining about the pearls.

  16. Avatarcatmom

    The pearls were gorgeous, Terry. Like you, I go for a little shorter strand, but love the “Scotch” pearls. My dad, whose family hails from Scotland, gave me a strand of Baroque pearls for my high school graduation.

    I have to comment on the amazing detail of the satin stitch embroidery. The various threads for texture and detail are unbelievable and it sure came across even on TV. I love to do embroidery and needlepoint with different threads, so to see it used to such perfection was outstanding!!! You don’t see that often……..KUDOS!!!!!!!

  17. AvatarHeather

    Thanks for the close up- they looked like round saltwater oyster pearls on screen and I was a bit disappointed. I’ll admit I had pictured the smaller freshwater pearls when I read the book, not knowing what Scotch pearls look like. I love your behind the scenes on the creative choices.

  18. AvatarCatullus_1000

    They are lovely up close – we couldn’t see the detail on TV so thank you for posting a close up for all of us to enjoy. Next time I watch this episode, I will “know” exactly what the pearl necklace looks like – just lovely. SO glad they kept them in the show.

  19. AvatarJudyGreene52665

    The pearls were beautiful in the candlelight as he lowered them but the TV didn’t do them justice. They are gorgeous. I love any pearls in all lengths. Thanks for the close up.

  20. Avatarshelarl

    I happened across the podcasts right after seeing the Wedding episode, so I listened to that particular podcast. Wonderful details. They truly enrich the viewing experience. I’m so thankful you mentioned the pearls were Mariam Haskell. I loved them! Beautiful color, luster.I kept thinking about them, and a few days later started searching ebay and etsy for some. There were long and short ones. And double and triple strands. I found a strand with beads that seemed the same size as the ones in the episode. Thought about it for a few days. It was 60″ and I really wanted something more the length of Claire’s. Finally went back and purchased it (reasonable price, compared to others for sale.) And the pearls are beautiful! same size pearls (I believe ). Gorgeous. I’ve been wearing them–but I will wrap them up as a birthday present from my husband when the time comes. I pick, he pays–I wanted no more surprises. I’ll probably also purchase the replica in the Starz store.

    I’m a longtime Outlander fan, have read all the books except for the last 2 (little time when raising a family while working.) I can’t believe how perfect all the actors are for the roles. I never thought I’d ever take to real people as the characters. But I was bowled over. You all did what I thought was impossible. Claire/Catriona is so beautiful and graceful and smart. She’s the kind of woman other women want to be but she’s so likeable that other women aren’t jealous of her. And Jamie/Sam. How could such a man, a true Jamie, actually exist? I love them as a couple.

    Everything about the series is absolutely spectacular and true to the spirit of the book. the series is an absolute phenomenon. Iconic. Already a classic. Your costumes are gorgeous. The wedding dress should be in the National Museum of Scotland. I’m looking for a pattern to knit Claire’s cowl. The script, the direction/production (thank you, Ron!) are so well done and intelligent. The music is outstanding–I thought for sure it was composed by a Scot. I also really enjoy Bear’s blog and will watch the episodes as I re-read his comments. I never realized that the characters had a “musical” theme,though it is obvious when you go back and concentrate on the music. Ron, I and a million others will be looking for a book of photos along with the scripts. Also hope we will see Starz reruns in the next month or so. They’ve disappeared! I hope the DVDs will include your podcasts. And I hope the DVD of Part One comes out soon. And a DVD of the music. No need to wait for part Two. Please….
    Thank you!

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