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and then there is always…



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  1. awabbitawabbit

    Oh Boy!
    I recall seeing Vera-Ellen around town when I was a kid. She had a VERY successful career, but her poor health in her last several decades trumped all.
    She was one of a kind!
    Interestingly, I board my horse “Samson,” about 1/2 mile from where she is buried, in Sylmar CA.

  2. Avatarsireesanwar

    This is probably my favorite song and moment of the movie though the reprise with Bing and Danny is so hilarious! I still haven’t watched it year but I will!!!!

  3. saraelizabethsaraelizabeth

    My two older sisters used to perform this around the house…complete with feather fans! (It is also worth noting that we used to compose dances as a trio, we would come high kicking down the stairs to New York, New York…throw candy from a bowl all over my mum and stepdad while dancing to “The Candy Man”. My [horrible…hopefully soon to be former] husband hated White Christmas. I should’ve taken that as a sign for all the bad things to come! I adore this movie. I used to watch it with my grandmother and then my mum and I have never gone a year without watching (even though we were continents apart as I was in the UK and she was in America)

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