Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Amazing, stunning, sooooo excited!


Not more to say, except a giant thank you to Alana at Starz publicity, for letting me have these amazing pictures, and allowing me to be the first to publish them. Thank you so much.

Outlander 2014


Outlander 2014

32 thoughts on “Amazing, stunning, sooooo excited!

    1. Avatarannalapping

      I have to admit, she’s never been my fave character in the books or the show. But you have made her something I would never have imagined. Great work, and I can accept her for what she is, an important character. Kudos to you and to Lotte, together you have changed my mind as to her importance.

  1. Avataregelpaso

    This costume is so great. With the cording around the hood, and bits in the trim on the jacket, bringing it out even more! The colors are so benign and almost neutral, which belies who Geillis really is! Love it. #Geillis #Outlander

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  3. TallulahTallulah

    Such a beautiful shade of golden flax intricately woven material for the jacket! And the softly-shorn curly lamb fur is purrfect too. It does so much for her coloring! Just delightful!

  4. Avatarrphelan

    When I saw Geillis’ costume on the show, I thought “WOW,” Terry has really got it going with this one. The design, execution, choice of fabrics…WOW again. The textures pair so beautifully and give Lotte an air or innocence almost, especially juxtaposed with the dancing scene in the preceding shot. Your costumes validate Outlander’s characters so well. I am in awe of your talent. Thank you (and Starz) for posting these pictures so that we could all have a closer look at all the details.

  5. Avatarjbwebb

    the coat stole the scene. i love the hood – it’s incredible. and even if the fabric wasn’t your first choice -that is a good thing, because it came out spectacular!!!! almost, almost as pretty as Claire’s fur coat. hard to choose a favorite of those two. you are amazing. will you design my daughter’s wedding dress when she marries??????!!!!!

  6. Avatarmanotherm

    I’m so glad you posted this coat…… as soon as I saw her in it, I wanted to see it close up! Love that pointed hood. Her wardrobe is so spot on for her character. Thanks so much for bringing the costumes here for us to view! πŸ™‚

  7. FrannybeeFrannybee

    So many things to love about this outfit. The gorgeous bright olive cord and the wisps of it caught up in the amazing edging…the incredible textures – I can almost feel the skirt, these shots show so much detail!…the woven pattern of the jacket fabric…the shape of the hood and cut of the sleeves. Just wonderful.

  8. AvatarDede Taylor

    I will never like Geillis … ever. But I do love Lotte and omg the clothes on this show …. so freakin’ beautiful .. you, Terry, are a genius and I have a mad mad girlcrush on you. πŸ™‚

      1. AvatarConnie Sandlin

        Oh, that IS exciting, that you’re getting that kind of support and recognition of how important your work is, as well as the displaying thereof. And one less task for you (the photography). Yea! x

  9. AvatarKristie

    What makes this so wonderful, as with all of Geillis’ wardrobe, is each piece has such an organic splendor! Combind with the way Lotte carries herself, it’s just perfect!

  10. SolitaireSolitaire

    Love the juxtaposition of fiber/texture, and the organic quality of the coat, as if it were something cobbled together in the way that a child creates a fairy house. So perfect for Geillis. Have to say, I remember my days working in the college costume shop and having to use a fabric very similar to the fabric in her skirt for someone’s breeches in a production of Cyrano. Flatlining was the only way to make the fabric work. I tell people that if they want to succeed on Project Runway, skip the fashion department for a year or two, and do a few years of theatrical costuming. If that doesn’t prepare you for problem solving under the gun, nothing will. Another beautiful piece that reveals as much of Geillis’ character as it covers her form…

  11. Avatar

    Wearable Art. Wow, I love it!

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