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A wee bit tired.



Think I might be nearing that proverbial wall. Getting a wee bit tired.
Overhauling the house, managing Season Two from a different continent, budgeting, scheduling, talking people off of ledges, kids, pets. I think it is starting to get to me.
I need to figure out some ways to get short breaks, as I don’t think there are too many long ones coming my way. Getting a little nervous about being this tired as I enter into the biggest season that Outlander will ever have. The show will be fine, but how do I survive?
And i miss my family already.

I was able to get my first podcast done today…

27 thoughts on “A wee bit tired.

    1. AvatarConnie Sandlin

      Oh my goodness. It took me 2 days to figure out you were talking about yourself doing sewing, Spiralight, not that you were a conveyance for bodily waste, under pressure. The English language is so tricky!

  1. Katiscotch22Katiscotch22

    Sounds like your life is a zoo!!! Hard to slow down when there is so much to do and everyone seems to rely on you for everything. I guess if it was possible to delegate you would have done that already. Wish I had a constructive answer to your dilemma :/

  2. MaryMary

    Oh my! Sounds like you need tea! Whew, carrying quite a load! I say, let’s go find some sticky toffee pudding and let those edge dwellers have a seat for a moment or two! Hope you find some down time between the bits of everything else!

  3. Purl99Purl99

    Sigh…story everyday…everyday! However! Good News Terri, the reason that women get blasted ALL the time…is because WE can handle it! This too shall pass…Bright Blessings!

  4. AvatarRebecca Shapiro

    You’ve done such a beautiful job creating this wonderful, rich, visual world for the rest of us…it’s easy to understand how you feel. Wish I could help you. 🙂 I find when the wall rises and my creative well starts to trickle, unplugging from everything and getting out in nature does wonders. It’s hard to find the time with so many commitments but even a half hour makes a huge difference. Cheering for you!

  5. Avatareleny

    Terry – Everything you’ve done for Outlander has contributed greatly to the success the series enjoys.

    And today, it seems like I couldn’t go anywhere without someone wanting to talk about the costumes. I had an appointment today with my lovely dental hygienist. But we didn’t get down to business for at least 10 minutes because she wanted to chat about the Outlander clothing.

    Then I stopped at Joann’s crafts on the way home and met another woman in the yarn aisle. I was picking up some wool to make another cowl. We started visiting and, sure enough, she talked about the Outlander knitted pieces.

    I hope you find time to carve out for some rest for yourself. Never forget how we appreciate you.

  6. Luanne UttleyLuanne Uttley

    So sorry you are feeling this way. I can offer you good thoughts and virtual Hugs and Ice cream. Ice cream always helps and a good brandy. Take care of yourself xx

  7. marthamartha

    Hold on my dear Terry!You will get through this.Just remember that you are doing something you were born to do, surrounded by people who love you.Enjoy every little moment of it, because soon it will be a memory.Sometimes the effort we make to accomplish things gets over us, but we must continue.And just a little something:remember that your work, the information, the knowledge that you provide us, may give a lot of joy and bliss. 🙂

  8. sonyakhanumsonyakhanum

    Wish we could be of some help in anyway! You and the rest of the crew and cast have done such a fabulous job of bringing our favourite story and characters to life.

  9. shego4thshego4th

    So important to take wee sanity breaks every day. I cannot tell you how it will help your frame of mind as well as your sleep quality to snatch as many 5 minute deep-breathing-think-about-nothing-urgent breaks during the day. Deep, slow chest breath in, deep slow chest breath out. It helps to choose one word to focus on as you breathe in and out to repel stray thoughts. This not only boosts good brain chemicals, but also improves sleep at the end of a tough day. Can’t find 5 minutes? Start with three deep breaths, a few times per day. It will help!! I appreciate you so much!

  10. SusanCGSusanCG

    Oh, no Terry ! Not the Wall !!! Ideas for Short Breaks: Watch a movie that makes you laugh out loud. Listen to happy music for fifteen minutes. Still not enough time ? Just take three deep breaths from way down in your abdomen and blow the air out your mouth each time. And remember that your work is necessary, respected, and beloved. And that we care about You.

  11. AvatarConnie Sandlin

    Maybe you could talk to the Boss about some regular massage therapy and/or spa treatments to help you sustain this life you’re living? People can come to your house to do massages, so you don’t get all tensed up driving to and from. Very serious about the massages – they might save your sanity and your body, help you sleep better when you get the chance!

    Much love and well wishes coming your way!

  12. Avatarjennmc725

    I absolutely look forward to every post you put up (I get inbox giddy when you’ve got something new), so know that it is much appreciated. Love love love seeing the book come to life via you! And you’ve inspired me to start knitting. Thanks, Michaels Arts & Crafts, for the LoopDeLoom!

  13. AvatarCarolB54

    Girl we are going to pray you through this madness! I don’t have as much on my plate but I do understand. Just each one of the tasks you mentioned is Stressful so I really can’t imagine!

    Thank you for your dedication to us your loyal fans. We sure do appreciate YOU and your staff for bringing our Outlander to life!

    Schedule some much needed YOU time and rest up!
    Praying for you!

  14. Avatarpraver

    Terry, this is where the conflict between being an artist and being a pragmatist comes in. No matter how important you are to the show, you will be no use if you allow yourself to crash and burn! You simply must force yourself to take mini vacations. Whether they are the 30 second “take a breath” kind or the “take a day or two off,” they are critical to your well being. (Not to mention that of your husband, your staff, and your pets!) At some point, you just turn off the phone and the computer, put away the notes and the research, and breathe. Of course, a dram or two of whisky, wine, or drink of your choice will help, too.

  15. SandersonSanderson

    Reiki … balances energy levels, helps keep one sane and opens you to more energy. If you find someone good in So Cal, they can do it via phone or Skype or just remotely. Its not crazy mumbo jumbo; I became a Reiki practitioner and help others as well as receive attunements myself; I can’t believe how it has helped my energy and pain relief in my neck from an old ruptured disc surgery as well as a neurological thing I have.

  16. AvatarCatullus_1000

    We all LOVE your posts which continue to fascinate and delight the fans during the hiatus. You have been incredibly generous with your time and talent. Take time for yourself and your family. We’ll be here whenever you decide to pop back in.

  17. MzLiz61MzLiz61

    Aww Terry!! Use only the energy you have today for today for there is not enough for tomorrow or next week…take care of your yourself!! Step away with a Chardonnay and a bubble bath and a walk with the heartbeat at your feet…We all appreciate the perfection and beauty you put into this series and believe me you are considered extended family. Love and hugs from Gotham NYC XXOO

  18. lesliesusannelesliesusanne

    Because this is the SUPPORT room, we will always be here with our support of YOU. You have been so incredible to share with us when you have so little time outside the enormous undertaking of this series, (not to mention your big life!). Yes, yes, yes – take whatever time you need to catch up, whenever you need to. Take those breaths, do Reiki, take a few days vacation, drink, eat ice cream, eat ice cream WITH brandy (my suggestion for a stress beater), because we will be waiting here patiently for you to return when you are ready. Well… some of us more patiently than others.

  19. JanieGJanieG

    I had that happen to me once, I think at one point my brain shut off for a second, weird feeling to be sure. I had to take a “JANIE day off”. I did absolutely nothing that I didn’t want to do. I didn’t schedule appointments, screened my calls, didn’t get into real clothes until I wanted too. It felt great!! Schedule a “TERRY” day once in a while. Do what you want to do or don’t do anything!

  20. Avatarsireesanwar

    I don’t know how you will survive. Maybe someone can help you is all I can think. Either way, whenever you get the chance, take a break. Sure we want the show but we’d rather you all don’t get so burnt out you don’t want to make it.

    Wishing time off for you with family.

  21. Avatargrahamlass

    I’ll offer two little words . . . snow day!
    That unexpected release from all planned and scheduled. “Honey, the office called. All the computers are down, don’t come in today.” What willlllll you do?
    Your work and dedication is appreciated by this lass. All best.

  22. AvatarDonna Rose Falk

    Oh artists have a tough go in life. We do the most difficult things like making incredible things out of other things. And it takes its toll and you need help- lots of it. Get the help then make sure you take off some days to relax and then start over again. This won’t last forever and the costumes are works of art so enjoy the challenge and make great art. You can do it. You are an incredibly talented artist.

  23. Avatarmageee

    With so much stress in your life, I can really understand the proximity of “the WALL”…..been there, done that…but you don’t need to become a recluse to do what you need to do.

    The photos brought back the memories of how I felt — raising 6 kids (born in 9 years) then working part time, sewing their clothes for holidays, etc, etc, etc…but then they are years grown up with their own, and complaining of not having enuf hours in a day!!!!

    20 years ago I learned about nutrition, and how to take care of myself FIRST! (Just like on the plane with a small child, put your own OXYGEN mask on FIRST!) I consider my daily nutritionals my oxygen mask!
    And now, (age 78 with 3 part-time jobs,) I’ve learned the value and benefits of Spirulina Maxima, most potent of all the spirulina’s, and which contains 1800 units of SOD (Superoxide dismutase) which is so much needed by every body. And SOD is 3500 times more powerful than Vitamin C.
    If you want more info about SOD and Spirulina Maxima, please let me know….. my company has an office in Irvine….just south of LA, and we Really, really want to keep you doing what you have to do! And that may be just a bit selfish!!!! but hope you don’t mind…
    Regards, Maggie

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