Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

A Very Special Guest


33 thoughts on “A Very Special Guest

      1. Gràs Beathag (Mal) (@mostlyalurker)

        am i remembering seeing this in the background of a behind-the-scenes picture from months ago? there was something like this on a dressmaker’s dummy and i recall wondering whom you had designed it for — lush velvet and encrusted with embroidery. i was guessing at the time it was for colum. clearly i was wrong there!

        (also, sorry for being so tardy in commenting on your blog recently. i am only able to read small bits at a time and you started being so prolific during comic con when i was rather busy with other things, lol. btw, i use the ‘fiona’ voice on my computer to read your posts to me. her scottish burr just seems to fit so well (tho i know your own voice is quite different!)

  1. Kristin Milner (@WarriorInSoul)

    He looks most impressive, and that coat is stunning. I’m hoping that after the episode airs, you can share on your podcast what the process was in creating his “costume.” He definitely looks the part of an 18th century gentleman. You’re both perfectly represented here; you, because of your gorgeous design, and Ron, by briefly being in the scene. I’m so freaking happy for y’all!

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