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A Must Read about what goes on BTS…



This is such a great piece. I had to post it.

Why? Because it takes the time to tell you about what really happens behind the scenes. Because it interviews Jim, our Armourer, who has an astonishing job, and works his ASS OFF.

It is just interested in what we, the crew really do behind the camera.

It’s also really nice to read what you actually said, in the order and context you said it in!

And because it says I am effortlessly cool, LOL.



11 thoughts on “A Must Read about what goes on BTS…

  1. peggyvanslp

    Terry, This is a really enjoyable read! I love that the behind-the-scenes people are getting media recognition for all they/you do. Just as you had to get creative to rustle up thousands of costumes, Jim had to find 600 weapons for the Battle of Prestonpans. How did he do that?! The pictures of Gary’s sets are gorgeous. Fans are very fortunate to have him share so many peeks/tidbits on Twitter. Thank you for being so accessible and being “effortlessly cool” to the reporter and to fans. Congratulations!

  2. dancerdf

    Great article Terry, and yes you are the coolest! Getting the details from an outsider’s eyes is especially nice, since it’s probably just what it would look like to me walking through. Love that Cuilean is there with you. Having just finished rereading DIA again, it was interesting to realize that yes, you needed to age the linings of the prisoners jackets, though it didn’t dawn on me as I was reading. These details are one of the things that make this show and your work (and the entire crew) so outstanding. Looking forward to seeing your windows at Saks next week! Thank you for starting the fire that got this whole show blazing.

  3. janschurr

    I enjoyed “rock-star-meets-Marilyn-Monroe” also. Love reading articles like this, and looking at the pictures of the construction of the Paris apartment – wow. Amazing!

  4. LisaW

    Of curse you are cool, you are an Outlander Fan!!! And you are the reason we get to experience Claire and Jamie on the screen! I am so excited to see the costumes for Season 2, you did not disappoint in Season 1, so I can only image what the costumes will do for Dragonfly in Amber! Now what will be all the rage for the knitting enthusiasts? ; D

  5. sharong

    I’ve been following your Twitter feeds and blog posts ever since I discovered Outlander when it first premiered on STARZ. I’m not a social media person, but could not resist commenting any longer. As a former union officer and public sector manager I really appreciate how you provide insight into all of the hard work that goes into the production of a quality television series. I don’t think that a lot of people pay attention to everyone’s efforts. What comes across to me is how you appreciate all the cast and crew and afford them all the dignity that they so richly deserve. Thank you so much.

  6. annalapping

    Terry, I loved this one! For one thing, my husband is a gunsmith and certified armorer (American spelling, sorry), and I can tell you that he will be very interested to read at least that portion and probably all of it since he is a fan of the show. Also, in NC there is a huge group of “black powder enthusiasts” who still use the same “if it’s raining, it won’t fire” type of gun (for deer hunting and for competition shooting), even with modern upgrades…it’s still black powder.
    Also loved you being compared to a Marilyn Monroe/rock star who is effortlessly cool! And you are.
    Great article. Thanks, Anna

  7. Katiscotch22

    Great article Terry – thanks for posting. Loved your description – Rock star/ Marilyn Munroe from your photo’s it seems a correct description. Only 7 more big sleeps then Outlander is ack. Can’t wait 😀

  8. Debbie Dake

    Fascinating. So interesting to read some of the details of a job that I could never even imagine on my own. Will see your work in NYC at Saks soon. Can’t wait!

    Hope all is well with you and yours ~ Debbie

  9. claireokc

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this link. And on the side of never satisfied: it would be so wonderful for you to do a feature for the Season 2 DVD. These costumes are SO MUCH a part of the show, as you know, they were a huge part of the book, that it would be further insight into the show and making it And those of us who can’t get away (working gets in the way of so much fun!!!), would love it!

  10. Jood

    Terry, thank you for posting this! There’s been such a lot of Serendipity in the making of this wonderful story hasn’t there? That you and Ron are integral to it is just so wonderful!
    I’m looking forward to S2 like all of us, but also to rewatching each ep to take the time to really see the details. Everything from the lighting through to the dirt under the fingernails increases the atmosphere for me and I swear sometimes I can smell those 18th C ‘fragrances’. This is by way of a ‘thank you in advance’…..I wish I could have made the trip to NYC but I’m hoping that one day there will be studio tours in Cumbernauld ….and can’t someone persuade Selfridges or another big store here in the UK to show the costumes too. I think maybe I need to write to the V&A and some others…..doubt they’d hear me but a girl can dream??

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