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A Movement Worth Supporting.



5 thoughts on “A Movement Worth Supporting.

  1. rachelblasdell

    I remember almost running the guy I was dating back in high school through my mother’s sewing machine because he was sitting there while I was sewing and telling me that a woman should get paid less than a man for doing the same job, because the man was the main financial supporter of a family. Me, being the daughter of a woman who raised five children on her own after my dad dropped dead of a heart attack (oldest sibling was 12, youngest was 5 months when he did his exit), became extremely upset. Opted to order him out of the house rather than sew his mouth shut and within a year I finally ordered the idiot out of my life.

    That was 40 years ago. How hideous is it that we are still fighting this battle for gender equality?

  2. Pamela

    Bravo Emma! Her speech was very moving and the message is perfect!!!!
    I know she’s no longer Hermione, but what a strong character she played and now this…. # HeforShe Wonderful woman.

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