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A Most excellent essay about Claire


For all of you Outlander fans. This summarizes so well why I love the books and what Outlander is really about, in my opinion. I know that all the focus is on what Jamie is wearing under his kilt, but that might have made for a good airplane read, not a book I would read multiple times.
Beth has really done a great job explaining why so many of us really read the books and will watch the show. Ron always says, “this is a show about Claire!!!”
Maybe there will be more women like this onscreen sometime soon.

4 thoughts on “A Most excellent essay about Claire

  1. jschurr

    I read this essay a bit ago and really liked it. So much focus is on Jamie because, I think, he embodies so many qualities that women would love to find in their “ideal man”, without being a one-sided, cardboard storybook hero. I feel lucky to have found “my Jamie” over 30 years ago and can’t imagine being without him. But I think the story, in Ron’s hands, will show us Claire as the woman we wish we could be – strong, resilient, caring – with the humor we all wish we could have under stress. While I would have watch the show regardless of who was making it (for the first few episodes, anyway!), Ron’s attachment is what sold it for me. I am a big BSG fan and was afraid the change of Starbuck from male to female was a gimmick, but I totally fell in love with her complex character. So excited to see the show, and as someone who has been making her clothes for almost 50 years, the costumes are gorgeous!

  2. Anita G (@emeraldindigo)

    Somewhere in my Outlander travels I learned about the Bechdel Test

    1) there are at least two named female characters, who

    2) talk to each other about

    3) something other than a man.

    I’ve tried to apply it to other things I’m watching or reading and it’s horrifying to realize how little we see women interacting beyond the supporting male leads plot points.

    Claire’s story is about Claire. From Claire’s perspective. For that I applaud everyone who maintains that viewpoint.

  3. Gisa Dres

    Dear Terry,
    thanks for this link.
    I totally agree, this is a story about Claire and all those comments about Jamie and what’s underneath that kilt do make me angry – the book is worth a lot more than to be reduced to that kind of attention.
    Missing the point completely – IMHO.
    But thanks a lot for your wonderful costumes –
    my personal favourite is the blue 40’s coat..just love it !

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