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So, we have almost arrived and Droughtlander is just about over.ย I’m getting the blog warmed up and running and headed directly towards April 9th. I’ll post lots of tidbits about how we prepped for Season two, so you will have an idea of the process and the team behind it all.

Once the show airs, I will post lots and lots of pictures and descriptions of each costume, and the process of making them.

I am incredibly proud of what we accomplished this season. My incredible, wonderful, insanely talented team truly outdid themselves. This blog is an absolutely shameless, joyous celebration of the costumes we have created, together.ย It is going to be a Costume Party, a Masquerade Ball!

Someone just sent me a tweet about a pretty fabulous piece over at Hypable. Wow. I am sending it to every member of my team. They are going to be really excited about it as am I.


Thanks Laura Byrne-Cristiano! What a lovely, lovely piece. Thank you!!!!!!

And yes, Season Two Costumes will be on display at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC and in Beverly Hills. We are incredibly excited about this and have spent the past few months working on every detail. It is going to be FABULOUS and I hope that lots of fans will be able to see them.

A very special Thank You to Saks Fifth Avenue, and to Starz PR, for making this once in a lifetime event possible. Who would have ever thought????



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    1. Avatarannalapping

      Everything is impeccably done. The “red dress’ is beyond beautiful and so is every other detail. As usual, you and your team have done the nearly impossible. Great work and kudos!~

  1. peggyvanslppeggyvanslp

    Fantastic, Terry! I’m very happy for the applause from so many sources recognizing the work (and loving artistry) of you and your team. I can not wait to see the costumes revealed episode by episode and see what they contribute to the story and characters. I’m looking forward to grabbing a gin and tonic and reading your blogs once Season 2 begins. All the best for the final run-up to the Ball!

  2. Avatarkiwiquilter

    Ok, thanks for the heads up Terry. I’m booking my flight from New Zealand to New York, have to see those costumes. After I win the lottery… I like the credit given to you in the article. Every word deserved. I too am gob smacked re the Emmy’s. Can’t figure the reasoning.

  3. Katiscotch22Katiscotch22

    From the photo’s you have released all I can say is – I’m gob smacked by the wonderful, gorgeous costumes. I can’t wait to see them when Season 2 starts…..Come on April. We now have Saks Fifth Avenue in Toronto Canada – would be fabulous if the costumes from Season 2 could be displayed here too . You and your talented team deserve to win every award for Costume there is. Well done ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. AvatarAnne H.

    Congratulations, Terry. So excited for you and your team. Will re-watch many times, to see the costumes, and all the other details that become visible after the first viewing . Thank you so much for engaging us and sharing the costume bts with us.

  5. Avatargrahamlass

    How exciting for you and your team. All those efforts in skill and detail are now acknowledged ON ! 5th ! Avenue. Congratulations.

    It just happens I will be in Brooklyn over those dates. I’ll make a day of seeing the windows and visiting the Met.

    (Oh! what magic could happen with ‘Outlander” Christmas windows?)

  6. AvatarConnie Sandlin

    Just over a month now until we get to start enjoying the scope of your artistry in full episodes, not just (amazing and wonderful) tidbits. BRAVO to you and your whole crew just for surviving, much less creating the amazing confections we are now glimpsing.

  7. LisaLisa

    The elegance of the costuming for season 2 is far and above anything I imagined while reading DIA. Undertaking this season must have brought many challenges but I hope you and your team can relish all the accolades once the season unfolds! April 9th cannot come fast enough! Thank you for all the sneak peaks!

  8. Avatarbetsyg

    Congratulations Terry & team! I can’t wait to visit your window displays during Tartan week! And look forward to your wonderful descriptive blogs about these astounding costumes!!! So excited for you and the team!

  9. AvatarSusanne Armborst

    Thank you sooooo much Terry, for all this amazing breathtaking costums!!! Looking forward to your Masquerade Ball!! Love your tidbits too!! Thank you again to you and your whole team!!

  10. katejlongokatejlongo

    Terry, it evident by the tidbits we have seen, you and your team have absolutely outdone yourselves again. I am a New Yorker and you can bet that I will be standing in front of Saks when they ceremoniously lift the curtain on their windows and your designs. As I have said many times, thank you for bringing authenticity to the wardrobe of the eighteenth century.
    PS: I cannot wait for the tidbits on the process.

  11. Avatardelft727

    Brenda Shaw
    Absolutely, celebrate joyously with your team! You are gifted and a treasure for the series that we adore. If Scotland is another character in the story, so too, are your costumes! From the details on a button to the Wedding Dress, RED DRESS, and every stitch of costume that adorns our hero, Jamie…your vision is magnificent! Making thoughts and dreams a reality has been a monumental labor of love. Whether you’re writing about 24,000 buttons, shoes, coats or costume designers vs. stylists, you are an excellent teacher and I love the learning. Thank you for taking the time, along with the hours and hours of every other aspect of creating the costumes, being a wife, and having a life to share your expertise with us. We do not take you for-granted. Lavish, sumptuous, detailed, rich, breath-taking, unique…and on and on the adjectives and accolades pour in. We wait, with confidence if not patience, for you and your team to begin reaping the awards you so deserve. Wishing you all continued enthusiasm, satisfaction, and success. You are a gift to the Outlander production and to us.

  12. Purl99Purl99

    The only other exciting item that is happening in April will be the birth of our 4th grandchild. I cannot wait to spend time with Claire and Jamie again! Thank you advance Terry for the beautiful costumes that I know will not disappoint.

  13. Avatarsouthernlassie

    Thank you again, Terry, for sharing your craft with those of us who adore your beautifully constructed costumes. It adds a whole new dimension to the Outlander experience! My sincere congratulations to you and your crew for the fabulous work you do! Wish I was near one of the upcoming displays in New York or L.A.
    I am patiently awaiting April premier!

  14. KnitzyBlondeKnitzyBlonde

    Terry, this is just so awesome! So thrilled that you and your fabulous team are receiving such recognition. I’ll be heading up to Beverly Hills to see this window. SO excited!

    And, April 9th is getting so close!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. Avatar

    Terry, so excited for you and your team! The time and talent that goes into each piece is just amazing. A feast for the eyes! I’m sad…… I live in the midwest, so won’t be able to see the Saks windows in person! Obviously, I’m sure to see photos, but it is not the same….that desire to touch and visually see the texture and detail!! I’m glad you will be posting here so that I can live vicariously through you!!!! Thank you and your team for creating such beautiful works of art!

  16. AvatarCece

    Any superlative or praise fails to do justice to the work by you and your staff. It is as fine as any original clothing from the period that I have ever seen. You deserve every accolade. I canโ€™t shop for myself anymore: everything is so plain, boring and disappointing by comparison! I appreciate the high-resolution photographs you have posted on line, and love to zoom in on the details. I could just eat them up! I look forward to whatever you will show us next. Bravo!

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