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  1. AvatarKristin Milner (@WarriorInSoul)

    The Gathering was a feast for the eyes. Graham’s coat was gorgeous, and I LOVE the shade of green in the coat of the gentleman standing to the right of him. The sash he’s wearing absolutely completes his look. The woman standing to the left of him has on a beautiful gown with what looks to be gold leaves. Love the texture of the ribbon around her throat. I’m blown away by Claire’s coat – is it wool? The fur trim and gloves add the perfect touch, and that color plays beautifully off her skin. Seriously, I’m going to watch the show again, just so I can drool over all the clothing.

      1. AvatarKristin Milner (@WarriorInSoul)

        Ooooh, can’t wait to see a picture of that dress. My eye was immediately drawn to it. I see the tweed in Cait’s coat, now that you’ve pointed it out. Thank you for that! There is a deer’s head/antlers painted on her gloves, correct? So appreciative y’all decided to have them hand painted. Her gloves are earthy, yet exquisite, just like Claire. To me, these are all the little details that build on each other that create a story, unique to that character.

  2. Avataramorley552014

    You are starting trends here, I see it! I too loved the variety last night. It was a feast for the eyes. I watch the show over and over just to take in all of the details of all the costumes.

  3. kmcherrettkmcherrett

    I’ve watched all 4 episodes so many times. It’s not just for the wonderful portrayal of Diana’s book but I’m captivated by all the outfits. The fur trimmed cape Claire was wearing when she rode out of Leoch at the end of episode #4 is just beautiful!

  4. Avatarmaycomber

    Terry, I met Howie Nicholsby in NYC in April when he was Grand Marshall of the Tartan Day Parade. I asked him to pose for a picture with me and Pocket Jamie and his eyes lit up and he told me all about his guest stint as a background actor in the 4th episode of “Outlander”. He said you thought it would be funny to put him in “trews” because he only wears kilts, and that it was the first time in about 15 years he’d worn pants! I pored over the episode and finally spotted him (I’m pretty sure), first standing next to Ron, and later in full length, standing alone, fabulous in pants, boots, and gorgeous tartan coat. So great!
    The entire Gathering was a stunning spectacle, and it was especially fun (upon subsequent viewings, the first is for story) to search out Howie, but also to just soak in all the detail and beauty. Having Ron and Diana G. there looking gorgeous added to the fun! Another fantastic episode, thanks to you all!

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