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Details…the Latest, Claire ‘Blueberry’, and Analiese ‘Dressage’



I have an endless stream of these pics. They will take us all the way through Droughtlander. It is not only a way to share the kind of detail my team accomplished, but also a look at how staggeringly enormous S2 was. It is overwhelming in retrospect and interesting to now be dealing with the concern that I overwhelm the blog. Can viewers take it all in?? I really don’t know.

Anyway, the Blueberry was created because I found this gorgeous pice of fabric, once again at Britex. I was really playing with colour and decided to embroider the brilliant red leaves on it. Not only did it make for a stunning costume for Claire and highlighted the opulence of Paris, but it highlighted the beautiful colours in the fabric in a really dramatic way.

L1001725_edited-1 L1001708 L1001703 L1001702 L1001695 L1001693_edited-1 L1001691 L1001684

This costume of Annalise’s is one of my favourites. Annualise gave us, as did Louise, the chance to once again, define Paris and to define Claire, in juxtaposition. We went to town on this costume, the same way did on Louise’s costumes. It was an opportunity to just show the viewer how complex and detailed 18th century clothing could be.

In story terms, it highlights how foreign and decadent this world is that Jamie and Claire have to navigate. How they stand out in contrast to that world and yet carry the simplicity and elegance of Scotland and of the 1940s into the French court.

L1001622 L1001611 L1001591 L1001584 L1001582 L1001579 L1001568 L1001565 L1001562


Details – Master Raymond


These pics are just all so extraordinary. Thank you Dennys!!!!!I will just keep working through S2, commenting where relevant.

L1001751         L1001750 L1001749 L1001744

L1001769 L1001741 L1001775 L1001770 L1001758 L1001754 L1001750 L1001749 L1001744 L1001739 L1001739 L1001750 L1001749 L1001744