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Thank You!



I just wanted to do a quick post to say THANK YOU to Saks Fifth Avenue, and to our wonderful marketing team at Starz for putting this together.

It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and experience. Everyone was so incredibly kind and helpful.

It took a lot of time and a lot of work. Finally got new fashion mannequins (that is a whole ‘nother story) Months and months of planning,  SCULPTING, adjusting, SHIPPING, more planning, sculpting and adjusting. Days in the Saks basement with their wonderful team, climbing around in windows, getting the Outlander lettering on the windows, and FINALLY, standing on the sidewalks with crowds of passerbys stopping to take pictures and ask questions.

So many conversations with people that began with “What is this??? It’s beautiful, what is this show???” The sidewalk has been crowded, cameras madly clicking away, kids noses pressed against the glass. It is amazing. I was moved to tears by the enthusiastic response, it was everything you could ever hope for.

I will do another detailed post of the process starting a thousand years ago, in Scotland and finishing here in NYC. But later, gotta do the next round of stuff…it’s Emmy season.

Saks Window



Season 2_edited-2

So, we have almost arrived and Droughtlander is just about over. I’m getting the blog warmed up and running and headed directly towards April 9th. I’ll post lots of tidbits about how we prepped for Season two, so you will have an idea of the process and the team behind it all.

Once the show airs, I will post lots and lots of pictures and descriptions of each costume, and the process of making them.

I am incredibly proud of what we accomplished this season. My incredible, wonderful, insanely talented team truly outdid themselves. This blog is an absolutely shameless, joyous celebration of the costumes we have created, together. It is going to be a Costume Party, a Masquerade Ball!

Someone just sent me a tweet about a pretty fabulous piece over at Hypable. Wow. I am sending it to every member of my team. They are going to be really excited about it as am I.


Thanks Laura Byrne-Cristiano! What a lovely, lovely piece. Thank you!!!!!!

And yes, Season Two Costumes will be on display at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC and in Beverly Hills. We are incredibly excited about this and have spent the past few months working on every detail. It is going to be FABULOUS and I hope that lots of fans will be able to see them.

A very special Thank You to Saks Fifth Avenue, and to Starz PR, for making this once in a lifetime event possible. Who would have ever thought????