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The Red Shoes. (spoiler alert)


Well, in honour of Starz Incredible Outlander Season 2 Campaign, I have decided to break with tradition and do a post about something before it airs. I have had so many inquiries about those shoes, that I though I’d give a little tidbit.

I designed quite a few pairs of shoes for Cait, and we had them made by our incredible period cobbler in London. The red ones had to be absolute showstoppers. Many trials and tribulations, mainly having to do with sparkly buckles. Who knew it would be so damned difficult to find them!?! But I think we ended up with a pretty gorgeous pair of shoes. They are made with red silk and are incredibly spectacular, as they should be for that scene.

I will post more photos of them later.

Cait’s jaw dropped when she saw them, just the reaction we were hoping for!!

Anyway, here you go! Happy Valentines Day!

Red Shoe