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Hugh Munro Two


I was doing a display of costumes last week for a press tour, and brought this one out to showcase the art of S1.

I have been very open about my love for this costume. It is an extraordinary piece of art. One of my assistant designers, Elle Wilson took the lead on this one.

A little revisit to a thing of beauty. Anyway, here are the closeups. Not sure you can see the 1950s swimming medal, sadly!

Hugh 1




Great Article


Connie Sandlin posted this today on twitter. Finally, a description of what people do on a show!



However, They have some strange notes about the Costume Department. Generally we LOATHE the term “wardrobe”, and I have never heard of a costume department being divided into costumes and wardrobe as separate categories within the department.

I have wanted to breakdown everyone’s job description in a post, and will try to add that in later today.

All depends on what the weather is!