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Here’s to the Costumes…What a Fan Learned from Outlander


Reblogging a post from Beth Wesson on costuming from a fan perspective.


I am somewhat embarrassed to post this incredibly flattering piece by Beth Wesson, lest anyone mistake my intention in doing so. I think it is an important read as is surmises so well what the job of a costume designer actually IS. I can yap on abut it, continually, but this is a fresh perspective, a viewers perspective, and I find it very valuable to hear how the intention of a designer is received. At the end of the day, we are speaking to you, the viewer, through our work. If it were a few hundred years earlier, we might be describing a gown, or a coat, to listeners around an evening fire. Storytelling, once again. Thank you Beth for an amazingly well done and thoughtful piece.