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Just the facts…


Inquiring minds want to know!

Wedding Dress: approx weight total 30kg, (66 lbs.) dress bagged length 180cm, crinoline 127cm wide x 129cm (2 people 30 mins to dress)

Green and Black tartan dress: approx weight total 10kg (22lbs) (1 person 30 – 40 mins to dress)

Everyone should weigh what they are wearing today!!



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 Claire - Surgery_edited-2

So, it has been awhile, since the contest ended.
Buried deeply in Season Two. I have read all the entries, a few times, and honestly…I just cannot choose. There are too many great ones. Too many styles. Some are very beautiful, written by people with degrees in literature and english, some by those who don’t really speak english at all. Some long, some very short. But what they all share is beauty, passion and love. And after all isn’t that exactly the point? What I asked for?? All equally wonderful, and I refuse to choose between them.
I promise, this is not a cop out nor a refusal to reward the exceptional. I fully anticipated making the choice of the top five. But there is something about the quality, the spirit, the heart of every single piece that cannot be dismissed.
So, I give myself yet another enormous task, and that is a tshirt (MIGHT HAVE TO BE A COFFEE MUG), awarded for all entries. I need to figure out how to do that, how to ship to however many countries, and gather all the addresses, LOL. Surely, I am mad, but I am going to try.
It may take a bit of time, as I do it in between the dodging of raindrops, but if you will just bear with me, I will get it sorted…somehow. Bear with me.

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 I have to say, if you are looking for something to read over your morning coffee, these essays are wonderful!!

Claire tshirt_edited-3

I have made no secret of my love for Claire. She is the reason I read the books so many times. So I thought we should send her some love.

Write an essay about Claire. I will publish as many as I can, for as long as it makes sense.

I will send a Claire t.shirt that I design, to the top five essay writers.  ( I am judge and jury!)

Okay, give it some thought, dig deep. My kids will tell you that I am a pretty tough audience when it comes to essay writing! You don’t have to be Virginia Woolf or Toni Morrison, you just have to have passion.



If you have already joined this forum, your essays will automatically be posted. If you haven’t I need to approved them, and once I have done so, they will be available for everyone to read in the comments section.

***One additional note, as much as fun as it is to read, I have to respect Diana’s request about fan fic, or at least what I think her request is about it. Please only essays written in 21st century voice. Sorry***



In Memoriam


When I was twelve, I met a Fairy Princess.


Rest in peace, Sister Sandi. I love you.

Claire’s Other Negligee


I just love this one. The original idea was that Claire was just going to let the negligee slide to the floor in one movement. As most women know, that is easier said (written), then done. SHE DID WEAR IT, but it didn’t fall to the floor.

So I designed this, which with one pull on the ribbon could slide off because it is cut wider due to the back cape.

Of course we never did it. But I think the gown is glorious, thanks to my amazing cutter, making team and incredible dyeing team who achieved the perfect shade of rosy blush.


Peach1 PeachFive PeachOne PeachThree PeachSix



Fantastic Piece About Women in Hollywood


This is mainly about top brass and actors, but if you trickle down, you’ll have an idea what it is like for the women on the crew, who work behind the camera. Keep shining lights into the dark corners.


and another one!!