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Monthly Archives: June 2014

My extraordinary man.


My extraordinary man.

Today is my birthday



I am a secret birthday freak. I hate that stupid song, and I don’t want to blow out candles.

But I do love a small, perfect day.

Some who follow me and my life, and who follow myself and Ron, our life together, have heard me talk a lot about expecting nothing but the best. That you have to believe that you are enough, alone. And that anyone you accept into your life has to be extraordinary and must make your life more extraordinary than it was without them.

This was my birthday present from my extraordinary man.

My sparkle
My dream
My morning mist

My salt
My sugar
My evening list

My day
My night
My boyhood fancy

My air
My water
My nervous antsy

My muse
My distraction
My novel without end

My care
My hope
My longtime girlfriend

My gin
My scotch
My glass of sherry

My life
My soul
My beautiful Terry