Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

18th Century Mitts


They’re not EXACTLY hand warmers, though you might be able to make a case that they are pretty damned close, but with a different name. We supposed that they might have needed a slightly warmer version in Scotland. It is August right now, and VERY chilly.


And for those of you looking for a pattern, these are lovely (bottom of page) :


10 thoughts on “18th Century Mitts

  1. AvatarMomSense (@MomSense_ME)

    Thanks for posting a link to the patterns! You must know that there are a lot of knitters watching Outlander. I actually heard about the books from knitters at my local yarn shop. We had a weekly knit along and it became even better when we all started talking about Claire and Jamie’s adventures.

  2. AvatarLinda Vargas

    Thank you for posting this pattern. As a knitter I am really loving all the knits on the show, as well as the costumes. They really do evoke the time and place. Might there be a pattern book for the knitted items anytime in the future? I know I wouldn’t be the only one buying that one!

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