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Fatima Ronquillo

I have long been obsessed with Lovers Eye jewelry. I had one made for Geillis at the Gathering. Let me the first to say that once again, to use one of these at the time of our story is inaccurate. Lovers Eyes did not show up for another 40 years

Many have asked for more information about them, so here you go.

Some samples of the real thing.

13 thoughts on “Lovers Eye

  1. AvatarJo Ann

    If you have time, could you perhaps explain the meaning behind the broaches with the eye? I know they are authentic to the period, but I don’t know what the symbolism represents. Also, the arrow through the hand?

  2. Avatar⭐Pamela (@P_Umali)

    Lover’s brooch! Hmmm…would the red tie represent a forbidden lover? As the red could mean desire or passion for someone? As there is one with the arrow through the hand maybe symbolizing pain. Or I could just be totally off as I was with the red shoes thinking Wizard of Oz.Haha! Be interested in what your thoughts are though.

  3. AvatarSarah Baker Phelps

    I’ve not heard of these brooches before. I’m not sure whether they creep me out or are totally cool! All I know is that as an artist, eyes definitely are mirrors to the soul and therefore are challenging and probably the most important feature in a portrait, be it human or animal (which I primarily do). Thanks for this fascinating information!

  4. AvatarBelvane

    Those jewels are both touching and creepy. I think that on Geillis it gave a good touch of creepy in that scene! I enjoyed her looking like a timeless goddess there, dressed to create that impression at any historical age.

    And the paintings by Ronquillo and also both intimate and creepy. The minimalism is great! How she tells maximum story using minimum details – like the sleeves on the hands, which tell us more about the owner. It’s beautiful; but man, I wouldn’t hang this in my living room. Did you choose to use that jewel for Gaillis to draw attention to potential creepiness on her, or was the choice purely aesthetic?

      1. AvatarBelinda W. (@Beejay_73)

        Tantalising tidbit Terry … gah so hard to talk about this without spoilers!

        (Terry you can choose to print this comment or leave it off if you think it says too much)

        Ok SPOILER AHEAD – if you haven’t read the book you shouldn’t read this:
        I love the “he who they follow reference”, it makes sense that Geillis being who she is and going “where she did” may choose to be prepared for it, and take some things she THINKS may be useful and/or appropriate with her. We didn’t actually hear a lot about this in the books but it would be fascinating so I love this extra bit of insight that we look to be getting here 😀

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