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Reblogging these two fantastic articles from Beth Stanley Wesson:


Thank you Beth. I am very grateful to read your very thoughtful assessment and insight into Ron as a writer. Time and time again, Ron explores in all of his shows, “what does it mean to be human”. I suppose it is at the heart of all drama, an exploration all writers take on, but Ron has always so deeply explored the human psyche and what motivates us all.
Outlander was another perfect vehicle to continue that journey in. I think for many of us fans, it is exactly that deep exploration of character, which has held us for so long.
Thanks for another great piece.
Terry D.






5 thoughts on “1-1-2-how-math-made-me-love-outlander-starz-episode-13

  1. Katiscotch22Katiscotch22

    Love Beth’s blog. IMHO it is one of the few worth reading. Somehow Beth manages to hit the nail on the head every time. Glad you love her too Terry!

  2. JanieGJanieG

    Terry, it is evident that Ron explored the human side in Outlander. The result is the emotions that are felt while watching the series. You read on SM how a person is angry or to put it bluntly “hates” BJR or Laoghaire. They adpre the highlanders whom have us laughing at their antics. There is respect and admiration for Jenny and Ian. and of course, how can I forget the love of Jamie and Claire. We have cried (or in my case, sobbed), felt joy, terror and horror at times with their love story. These are all the human emotions that Ron and his team have been able to successfully bring to Outlander, which is exactly the same emotions we felt when reading the books.

  3. KellyKelly


    After discovering the Outlander books a few years ago, I found myself writing a note to Diana Gabaldon, telling her that I consumed the books and thanking her for the writing of them. Though I’m an avid reader, I had never been compelled to contact an author before – it frankly seemed to me an odd thing to do. But I did it anyway (Astonished too that she took the time to reply). It strikes me all the more strange that I feel compelled yet again, only this time I am writing a note to you. But since I just watched the latest episode (“The Search”) and I’m still on a TV high and it’s somewhat in keeping to the blog posts just added to your site, here it goes…

    It is semantically ineffective for me to simply state that I love “Outlander”. Though it’s true – I do love it equally in both its forms of book and television – it may offer better service for me to explain it this way:

    Now, it’s true that my husband watches Outlander too, but he does not mind the wait until the show is “really” on. I would like to say that I figured myself to be more of a patient sort, that I could wait and watch it with him in the evening…but suffice it to say, I’ve discovered that patience is not a virtue I always possess.

    So each Saturday morning, I have found myself devising a multitude of “errands” for my husband to run. “Can you swing by the hardware store…and while you’re at it, maybe take the boy for a haircut? Oh, and mind stopping by the butcher?” Enough errands of the manly variety to last a bit more than an hour, you see, the sorts of things that may cause him to dally a bit.

    The door has barely a chance to click shut before the dog and I are on the couch, remote in hand and Video on Demand loading (the dog apparently has very good taste in television, though I’ve rarely seen him take much notice unless some vocal canine happens to be on the screen).

    It’s when the music starts – it gets me every time. It’s like a wave of happiness fills me up, from the inside out, and I’m glad the dog is the only one to witness the silly grin. There’s usually a big sigh that follows, and for one blazingly short hour, I am enraptured by the story while the rest of the world falls away.

    My husband returns, sees that I’ve got an inordinate amount of cheer for such an early Saturday morning, and invariably will say, “Watch Outlander already, didya?”

    Yes. Yes I did.

    I don’t have a tedious life, no sob story or tale of woe. I’m not escaping, per se. I just love a good story. And this little show you and your lovely husband have poured yourselves into – I can feel it and it makes me abundantly happen to watch it every week. And I thank you for that.

    I’ve had the good fortune of knowing some really nice, really hard working people, and I have been overjoyed when great successes finds them. Though I don’t know you, and likely I never will, it seems to me that you two have paid your dues and the success of this show is more than well deserved.

    With ever kind regards,

    Kelly Claytor

    1. AvatarLynnLouise

      So very well said. I too feel this same way, and am very thankful for the compassion, passion, and creativity of Ron, Terry , the Cast, the Directors, the Crews, the location and of course, the wonderful woman who started it all, Diana Gabaldon. Thank you so very much from a fan who hasn’t had an obsession this bad since Tom Selleck, (yes, I know I am dating myself).

      To all you wonderful Mothers-Have a Happy, Blessed Day.

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